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Dan T Cook

After a brief but modestly successful career was a financial trader, Dan decided to make travel a full-time occupation. He decided to go on a fishing trip… around the world. During a 27-month period in 2006-2008, Dan traveled 75,000 miles overland… zig-zagging to the best fly fishing destinations on 5 continents. He couldn’t find anyone else who could go, so he went alone. He wasn’t even a very good fly fisherman at the time. Information on those adventures can be found at FlyfishingTheGlobe.net.

Upon returning to the U.S., Dan founded Rivers of Recovery (“ROR”), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans using innovative recreational programs. During his tenure as Executive Director, ROR conducted ground-breaking research proving the efficacy of recreational rehabilitation in mitigating the physiological effects of post-traumatic stress and other psychological injuries.

The organization was featured on NBC Nightly News and various cable news programs and received letters of appreciation from numerous members of Congress. Rivers of Recovery now operates in 5 states and has helped over 5,000 service members to date. (RiversOfRecovery.org)

The Global Philanthropy Spotlight / Overland Nomads initiative is the product of Dan’s continuing desire to travel, learn from others and lend a hand along the way. He still hooks a lot of stuff on his back cast.

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DawnMarie Haines

DawnMarie was born in the north country along the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan. Her love for the great outdoors and adventure began the day her mother put her in a backpack and hiked into the Porcupine Mountains. These early experiences ruined any chances that she’d endure employment in an office or live in a big city… for very long anyway.

Passion for travel to faraway lands started in her elementary years while thumbing through her grandparent’s vast collection of National Geographic magazines. These pages were her windows into exciting, unknown worlds which led to, first--years of college courses focusing on world cultures, geography and religions and, second—a unquenchable desire to see the world. This pursuit would eventually lead to her friends referring to her as “gypsy girl,” a label that she wears proudly to this day.

DawnMarie has a generous heart and has contributed art to fundraising auctions for ill children, tutored young mothers on their path to graduating from high school and completed multiple marathons for Team Livestrong, raising money for the fight against cancer. She is involved with organizations that provide clean water and food to international communities and has traveled into the Mosquito Jungle to deliver supplies to schools.

She also has a bunch of undergraduate and graduate degrees that aren’t of much use and prefers her veggie sausages grilled on a campfire.

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Despite the inauspicious beginnings of being born at the McCormick Humane Society in South Carolina, Kamba was rescued by DawnMarie and has proceeded to live a life envied by most of his peers. Kamba has wet his paws in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (and all the Great Lakes), visited each of the 48 contiguous states and has a Facebook account followed by thousands (or at least… a lot of people and pets). He was featured in the 2014 Petco animal awareness calendar and prides himself on his fallible sense of direction.

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Web & Graphics

Scott Cocking

Fueling his passion for 2 wheeled adventures, Scott is a Graphic Designer with over 30 years experience. Including 10 years in the art department of Jack in the Box, gaining valuble experience in brand management. Along with maintaining the web presence for Dan's first big adventure (FlyfishingTheGlobe.net) back in 2006-2008, he has been running his own design entity, Side Show Design, for the last 19 years.

Implementing Marketing that follows the message & branding of our sponsors and resonates with their target will be the focus of our promotional efforts.

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Andrew Geiger

From the early age of 8 Andrew knew he wanted to be a photographer in some capacity and having grown up in Montana, wildlife seemed like the obvious choice. But it didn’t take long for him realize he had no patience to sit in a blind for weeks on end looking at the same scene day in and day out.  In his 20’s he found a mentor in a famous advertising/fashion photographer and quickly knew that travel photography was the addiction he willingly embraced.

Andrew’s images and video from over 66 countries has appeared in thousands of publications throughout the world for editorial, advertising and TV networks. His latest philanthropic work was a partnership with Conservation International and the Fine Art Print agency Rosenstiel’s of London to bring awareness to the plight of nature around the world in the series “Nature is Speaking”AndrewGeiger.com 

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Jim Urquhart

Jim Urquhart is a Mountain West-based freelance photojournalist. Previously a staff photojournalist at The Salt Lake Tribune in Utah, Urquhart has been freelancing for 11 years. His clients include Reuters, National Public Radio, National Geographic, NBC News, New York Times, Newsweek, Associated Press and many others. For the last eight years his primary focus has been extremism, hate groups and anti-government militias. He also works as a consultant and reporter for several news organizations seeking to improve their sourcing and security while covering the far right.

Jim’s work has been included in Reuters “Pictures of the Year” on multiple occasions. Currently he is a 2022 Nieman Journalism Fellow at Harvard University where he is furthering his studies of domestic terrorism. JimUrquhart.com 

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Cinematographer / Videographer

Tom Graybael

Thomas, with 25 years of Freelance moving image experience as Director of Photography and Lighting for Commercial and Television projects. He has traveled to far off places with far out people, including the opportunity to document three Apollo Astronauts on The Legends of Aerospace Tour. Thomas’ work has contributed to fundraising efforts for American Heart, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, The Medal Of Honor Foundation and Rivers of Recovery. Previous adventures with Dan include Rivers of Recovery and Flyfishing The Globe. Collaboration with Clients, Directors and Crew, bringing ideas into the visual realm, continues to be the most rewarding aspect of his career… and the travel is pretty awesome.

Self proclaimed Expert Troubleshooter of cause and effect localized gravitational anomalies, Thomas has been gifted with the ability to wonder "What would happen if we put that light over there?"" and "It came apart one way, it must go back together?

Always a great addition to any team.