What We Are Doing & Why!

Project Goals

The purpose of this trip is to help others. This includes getting involved with community projects and bringing awareness to organizations on the frontlines of change. These goals are shared by two distinct initiatives, Overland Nomads and the Global Philanthropy Spotlight.

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Overland Nomads is our mobile volunteerism initiative. As we travel, we seek out community improvement projects and become involved—hands on! Projects that improve infrastructure, schools, medical facilities, housing, access to clean water, sanitation, conservation and protecting animal habitat… are all undertakings that we want to assist. Smaller projects are great too! We’ve assembled a diverse skill set that we want to put to good use wherever we can.

Along with the details of these projects, we will report regularly on our travels. We will discuss how we prepared for an around-the-world adventure, building the FJ55, storage solutions, clothing, recovery gear, communications equipment, entertainment… and anything else people would like to learn. Our goal is to bring our audience along with us (via social media) and share stories about the amazing people, places and experiences that we discover.

The Global Philanthropy Spotlight logo
The Global Philanthropy Spotlight (GPS) is a US-based nonprofit devoted to bringing awareness to organizations that are making a positive impact in their communities. These organizations are the boots-on-the-ground, grassroots, unheralded, tip-of-the-spear, in-the-trenches groups doing the work. The majority of the “good” being done in this world is beyond our sight… and it’s being done by everyday heroes who are dedicated to making a difference. We’d like to introduce you to them.

Our previous travels have taught us many things, but none more important than the knowledge that there are people in the world who do so much with so little. Our goal is to help these people and organizations by increasing awareness of their efforts. We will bring their stories to you, tell you their successes and challenges and show you why and how you can help. 

Our areas of interest are almost limitless and we will seek to find and raise awareness for groups that are…

  • Protecting endangered animal habitat
  • Delivering clean water to impoverished communities
  • Providing meals to food insecure families
  • Combating the causes of global warming
  • Building shelters for the homeless
  • Creating sustainable farming & food cultivation programs
  • Helping improve access to medical care
  • Assisting children with shelter, security & nutrition
  • Caring for the elderly & ill

… and the list goes on.

Basic idea & we will swagger from here!

Main Route Around the Globe

Overland Nomads World Map Route

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Overland Team

Adventure Pros

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Dan T. Cook

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Graphics & Web

Scott Cocking

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Andrew Geiger

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Cinematographer / Videographer

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This Will Be Our Ride

Customized FJ55

Overland Build: Well Sorted Automotive, Buena Vista, CO
Engine: Cummins R2.8
Transmission: Toyota H55f
Transfer Case: Toyota split-type
Lift: Old Man Emu Heavy Duty 3"
Wheels: Fifteen 52 Analog in Asphalt Black
Tires: Kenda Klever M/T2 689
Lighting: Vision X
Battery Bank & Solar Panel: Renogy
Power & Battery Management System: Redarc
Heater & Air Conditioner: Vintage Air
Winch: Warn 8274-S
Front & Rear Bumper: 4x4 Labs (modified)
Fuel Tank: Long Range America 55 Gal
On-board Welder: Premier Power Welder
On-board Air Compressor: ARB Twin Compressor
Roof Top Tent, Awning, Shower Cube: Alu-Cab
Fridge: National Luna Legacy 50L
Center Console: Max-Bilt
Storage Bins: Front Runner Lone Wolf Pro
Seats: Corbeau Sport